Pierre Carter


Pierre is the embodiment of hardcore adventure racing. He makes men half his age wonder about their manly credentials. His main focus for the past few years has been to climb and paraglide off the highest summit on each continent (7 Summits 7 Flights). A former National Team Paragliding member and one of only three SA pilots ever to participate in the RedBull X-Alps he has years of experience in adventure sports. The Drakensberg has been his back garden since he was a young boy…needless to say he knows this part of Africa intimately! You can find Pierre climbing, hiking, paragliding, cycling and simply just being in these mountains with every available opportunity. Pierre is the creator of the X-Berg Challenge race route each year hoping to make it equally tough for all those who dares to come chase the Dragon.


Alistair Stuart


Being the brainy one of the team, Alistair does not fall short on adventure either. He can usually be found sailing, paragliding, cycling or kite-surfing when not slaving away at his "real" engineering job. He has a way with words and can take decent photographs from time to time. He has a passion for travel and is the voice of reason and master of finance for the event.

Linda Willemse


Linda has been organising events for close on 20 years. She is an adventure junkie herself, from jumping out of hot air balloons with only a paraglider attached to rock climbing, hiking and cycling. She has also assisted in organising world class events such as the Kilimanjaro Marathon and Victoria Falls Marathon. She also has a passion for giving to the needy through her outdoor endeavors and is the leading lady on the ground during the X-Berg Challenge. Throughout the rest of the year she is our sales & marketing guru and general jack of all trades.

Kirsten Pic

Kirsten Arnold


Kirsten is a trail runner, paraglider and outdoor junky who was born on the African continent and has lived, played and worked in East and Southern Africa for the past two decades. With many years of travel coordinating experience behind her, Kirsten joined our team in October 2018 and has been has been hard at work behind the scenes of the X-Berg Challenge. From perfecting our newsletters to assisting with general administrative tasks, this walking ‘thesaurus’ is a welcome addition to our team and we hope to fully exploit all of her talents in our quest to organise adventures of a lifetime. 

Georgia Carter


Georgia is an impressive young journalist! She gets the message across and are also a fantastic photographer. When she is not crafting words into a captivating article, she is also a singer who performs from time to time. We are blessed to have this incredibly talented lady as part of our team since July 2019 as our chief content coordinator. 

Georgia pic