Disciplines & Formats

The disciplines in the X-Berg Challenge are:

SINGLE DISCIPLINE SOLO or TEAM (Completing the route by sticking to only one of the disciplines.):

Trail Running
Mountain Biking (** E-Bikes welcome and will participate in their own class)
Paragliding (Hike & Fly)


Combining either trail running, mountain biking and/or paragliding to complete the route, changing disciplines only at official Turn Points.
Note: A Mixed Discipline athlete/team is now able to win the overall event. (Rule change implemented Nov 2018).


Combining either trail running, mountain biking and/or paragliding to complete the route only changing discipline/participant at official Turn Points.
Note: A Re-Lay Discipline athlete/team is not able to win the overall event, however, they can be 1st / 2nd / 3rd in Re-Lay Discipline class.


Participants may register in the following formats:

SOLO ENTRY: (With or without a second/supporter)
One discipline (Choosing between Mountain Biking or Trail Running or Paragliding)
Mixed discipline (Choosing any of the disciplines but only being allowed to change disciplines at the Turn Points).


TEAM ENTRY: A team may consist of 2 to 4 participants. NB; The whole team must go to every Turn Point and must cross the finish line together. This may be executed in single discipline and/or mixed disciplines.

Please note teams and individuals must declare their selected category at race registration.  It is strongly advised that one assistant/supporter/second be with you to aid the team or individual during the race. Please see the section for athletes who plan to enter the race unsupported and making use of our ‘re-supply service’.


All Athletes and assistants must be qualified and experienced in paragliding, adventure racing, mountaineering and/or mountain biking to participate in the event. It is up to the participant to decide on their own level of experience. The Race Committee will provide certain minimum standards but will not be held responsible for any participant’s level of experience. Please refer to the required Minimum Equipment list section.


Those Athletes that are paragliding can only do so with a valid paragliding license. A valid paragliding license is considered to be valid either if it is a SAHPA issued SPORTS license (or higher) which is current for the period during which the race will take place OR an internationally FAI affiliated license/rating card together with an IPPI card. The IPPI card should be PARA PRO stage 5 (advanced cross country rating).


Every Athlete must provide proof of medical aid insurance prior to starting the race. This insurance should cover you for the sport discipline/s you are doing in the race as well as include medical evacuation. In addition, paragliders must provide proof of a third party liability insurance that covers the pilot during the competition for all reasonable eventualities. The Race Committee will assist during any accident but will not be held liable or provide the funds necessary to evacuate any Athlete.




Race Registration: Now Open
No entries on the day, only pre-entries permitted. Limited entries.