Live Tracking

Welcome to our Live Tracking page! The X-Berg Challenge Extreme and Mini Race live tracking will be active during the races in October 2022.

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Leader Board

We understand that following the X-Berg Challenge's live tracking pages can be confusion. Allow us to explain in a nutshell...
Each participant/team needs to complete the 'task route' by reaching the various turn points (TP) in order (example TP1 then TP2 etc). The one who reaches all the TP's in the shortest time wins.
Participants may decide on their own route between TP's (example a mountain biker may decide to try cycle over a mountain on a track rather than going around it if he thinks it will be a faster route).
The athletes have to take an uninterrupted rest from 22h:00 till 04h:00, so we will update the leader board only after the rest period kicks in each day.
Please visit the race rules to understand how it works:
Event Disciplines and Formats:

04-09 Oct 2022, 4-day X-Berg  Extreme Challenge & 06-09 Oct 2022, 2-day X-Berg Mini Challenge

Advice from past X-Berg Challenge participants...