Neel Breitenbach - Things I will do differently


The most important thing should be your fitness - be as fit as you can be on race day. The fitter you are the easier things become. Get out in the mountains as much as you can and get time on your feet. Consistency is key.

Sort out your nutrition. Without fuel your body won’t be able to sustain any effort. There is a lot of advice out there so find what works for you BEFORE the event and stick to it during the event. Try to keep it as simple as possible. I had a bad year last year after getting my nutrition seriously wrong. This is what works for me now, but don’t just follow it blindly as every person is different and this might not work for you. It will at least give you a starting place if you have no idea where to begin: Aim for 60-80g of Carbs per hour - fast high GI carbs like liquid carbohydrate mix and jelly babies. Eat solid foods only when you are feeling hungry. Add some protein at night to help with recovery.

Enjoy the view! Or as someone recently told me: “Hol net!” (Just run!)

Whatever you do, DO NOT FOLLOW the recommended route blindly!!! It is not called “Carter” sections for nothing. Get yourself a map and compass and know how to use it. Much easier to find your way around a tricky section with map in hand.

Get out in the mountains!! Not only does it improve your fitness but also your mental toughness! It’s a small field of competitors and the likelihood of being alone in big mountain country for extended periods of time is high. Learn how to enjoy it and half of the battle is won. Don’t overthink things, keep it simple and enjoy the experience!!


Neel Breitenbach
X-Berg Challenge competitor
2017 & 2018